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Professional Body Contouring & Waxing

Get the body you've always wanted. Our body contouring and waxing services are the easiest way to feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin.


Discover the easiest, safest way to shed unwanted fat. Cavi-Lipo is one of the most advanced and efficient techniques for removing fat. The technology uses ultrasound cavitation to stimulate and vibrate fat cells at such a high rate that tiny air molecules begin to form within the cells. These tiny air "bubbles" force their way out of the cells, bursting the cell walls in the process. That same ultrasound wave stimulates and oxygenates your tissues, resulting in a firming and tightening of the skin. After treatment, your body uses your lymphatic system to flush out the damaged fat cells, so it is important to be well hydrated for this process.


Body Wraps

Anti-Cellulite Body Glow $90
Detoxifying Wrap $90
Body Scrub and Massage  $130


Neck $10
Full Arm $25
Underarm $15
Chest (to Lower Abdomen) $65
Back (Upper to lower) $65
Half Leg $30
Full Leg $60


Eyelash extension $150
Refill $65
Eyelash tinting $25
Eyebrow tinting $20